Find all the apparel, awards, outdoor gear and accessories you need from Crossroads Outfitters. We also offer rentals of our facilities and equipment.

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We offer a full line of Scouting apparel, awards and accessories as well as a great assortment of craft and gift items. At Crossroads Outfitters we stock some of the biggest brand names in the camping and outdoor industry including Eureka, Gregory Backpacks, Silva, Jetboil and Grand Trunk Hammocks, among others. On our online shop, we carry Scouting gear, apparel, patches and more! We also make a lot of the equipment and facilities we use available to Scouts and the general public through rentals.

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Crossroads Outfitters

Conveniently located in the Golden-Burke Scout Center, Crossroads Outfitters has all the gear you need to Be Prepared.

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Find gear and equipment you need for your activities and outdoor adventures.


Explore the facilities and equipment we have for rent, which are available to Scouts and the general public.


Order Uniform and Advancement Online

Now you can order all uniform and advancement items online by following this link. Advancement purchases still require submission of proper advancement report paperwork.

Unit Advancement Report

The purchase of Rank Patches, both Cub Scout and Scouts BSA, requires submitting an advancement report. For more information, or to submit the following forms, contact Crossroads Outfitters by email or at (317) 813-7070.

Unit Depository Accounts

Crossroads of America Council has established a Unit depository account (UDA) for all chartered Units. Units can access their UDA at the Council service center (but not at Council camps), after the Store Manager has received the unit depository account authorization form from the Unit committee chair.

Only those individuals designated on the form can spend the balances in these accounts.

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