Popcorn Sales Methods


Average Sale Per Customer 

Scouts solicit customers via email or social media. Customers order popcorn using Scout’s online link or searching for them on www.trails-end.com. Then customers pay shipping and receive popcorn within 3-9 business days.

Who Buys This Way?
Out-of-town family and friends, parents’ co-workers, and social media connections.

Best Practice
Scouts self-register for online selling and create an account at the beginning of the sale (online sales begin Aug..1). They are encouraged to email and share personal order links on social media. Within two weeks, they should follow-up with those who have not ordered and send thank you messages to those who have.

Order Form ("Take Order")

Average Sales Per Hour  
Sky’s the limit!

Customer orders popcorn on an order form and waits for it to be delivered in mid-November.

Who Buys This Way?
Family members, friends, neighbors, parents’ co-workers, teachers, coaches, hairdressers, and customers purchasing only military magnets.

Best Practice
Before Scouts hit the streets and knock on doors, they should approach closest family and friends, especially during the kickoff blitz.  Help Scouts make a list of 10-15 family and friends they know will make a purchase.  After initial contacts, they should be close to their goal and feeling confident of their sale victories!  Unit decides whether to collect payment at the time of the order or delivery.  Remember to explain to the customer that a product delivered back to them later in the sale is mid-November; otherwise, they assume that you will return within the next day or two.


  • Take the order for to work
    • If not allowed to solicit at work, ask if putting a form in the break room is acceptable
  • Create a map of your area
    • Print off Google Maps of your area, and give to Scout Families
    • Ask Scouts to mark houses that did and did not purchase
  • Always save copies of order forms
    • Give your Scouts a copy of their previous year's order form to follow up with past customers
    • Always have Scouts turn in their order form, even if they don't sell


Storefront Sales

Average Sales Per Hour  

Scouts sell popcorn (exchange popcorn and money on-the-spot) to strangers in front of high-traffic stores or events.

Who Buys This Way?
Strangers, grocery store shoppers, college students, sports attendees, and festival attendees

Best Practice
Schedule booth time with store managers as soon as possible.  Schedule Scouts to fill two-hour timeslots.  Try "SignUp Genius" as an easy online tool to manage this.  All participating Scouts get equal credit for the day’s total sales. This is a great way to increase visibility in the community and recruit new Scouts!


  • Secure the right location 
    • Think outside the box- where do the people gather in your community?
      • Retail stores, school sporting events, auctions, churches, farmers markets, fairs
    • Always get permission before selling 
  • Accept Credit Card Payments
    • Have your unit set up and account with Square, PayPal, Stripe, etc. 
  • Tell Scouts' stories with pictures
    • Customers want to know what they are supporting

Storefront Sales How-To Instructions - By Leslie Westra (Pack 219, Westfield, IN)

Neighborhood Blitz/Door-to-Door Sales

Average Sales Per Hour  

Scout, with a friend or family member, sells popcorn on-hand (in a wagon or vehicle) to customers at home; delivering the popcorn and collecting payment on-the-spot.
Tip:  Present a customer receipt when collecting payment on-the-spot.  

Who Buys This Way?
Suburban neighborhoods, rural homes, city townhouses, and customers only purchasing military ribbons.

Best Practice
Allow the customer to receive popcorn on-the-spot only after they place an order on the form. Say, “Would you like your product now instead of waiting?” Customers tend to choose the least expensive item that you have on hand, so don’t let them see your “stash” right away.


  • Popcorn Blitz Day
    • Pick a day during the Kickoff Blitz for maximum prize potential
    • Set a unit and per Scout fundraising goal for the day
    • As a group, canvas a large neighborhood in your area
    • Once goals are reached, have an ice cream or hot chocolate party in a nearby park


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