Why Family Friends of Scouting?

The purpose of the Boy Scouts is simple: build character and integrity of America's youth and prepare them to become responsible adults; adults who are leaders and who participate in society according to the Scout Oath and Law. The Oath and Law are founded on trustworthiness, loyalty, bravery and on the values that put community and family first.

During October through March, each pack, troop, and crew should schedule a "Family" Friends of Scouting presentation.  This presentation by a volunteer explains to parents how our council is financed and provides education about our mission, services, facilities and the "true cost" of Scouting.  Units should sign-up for their presentation so district volunteers have enough time to plan for presentations.  

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises approximately 15% of the council's operating budget each year.  On average, $175 is needed per youth in our council to provide the programs and services that we have come to expect for one year.

Camp Card Sale 2017

The annual spring Camp Card sale allows Scout units to raise funds to pay for their summer Scouting program. Camp Cards are discount cards sold for $5 each to the general public.  Unit commission is 50% on each card ($2.50). Funds earned from this fundraiser may be used to purchase equipment such as tents and backpacks as well as paying for camp fees.  Camp Cards are meant to complement, not take the place of, popcorn sales in the fall.  For more information on the camp card sale, please continue reading.

Popcorn Sale 2017

More about this fundraiser coming soon!


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