Every Scout deserves to be lead by a TRAINED leader

Would you get on a plane if only half of the pilots were trained?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Maybe a better question would be “Is it OK for my Scout to spend time with an un-trained leader?”  Every young person in the Scouting program needs and deserves a leader who understands the aims of the program and knows how to deliver it with enthusiasm; in short, a trained leader.  Because they understand their role, trained leaders have a positive influence on the lives of youth.  Research shows that Scouts with trained leaders enjoy the program more and stay in it longer.  How well we influence the lives of these youth depends on their leaders' understanding of the program and their responsibilities.  An addition to giving the boys in your unit the best possible program, training also makes your life easier.

All newly-registered leaders must first take Youth Protection Training before assuming a leadership role.  It is strongly recommended that parents of all Scouts take this training as well. It cannot hurt to know what to expect from your son's adult leaders. It also protects everyone involved in the unit by helping avoid any ambiguities arising from "not knowing" basic Youth Protection principles. For more information, visit BSA’s Youth Protection page.

Please contact Jon Guimont, the Northeast District training chair, with any adult or youth training questions.

Northeast District Adult Training Opportunities

Northeast District is offering the following training courses in 2017 at the Camp Belzer Activity Center.  Use the links below to register.

Cub Scout Den Leader & Assistant Den Leader Position-Specific Training:   The Den Leader Position-Specific Training course provides Cub Scout den leaders and their assistants with the basic information they need to conduct successful den meetings.  If you have completed Youth Protection Training (YPT) you will be position trained for den leader upon completion of this course.

Cubmaster & Assistant Cubmaster Position-Specific Training:  This course is intended to provide Cubmasters and assistant Cubmasters with the basic information they need to conduct successful pack meetings and lead the pack's annual program.  If you have completed Youth Protection Training (YPT) you will be position trained for Cubmaster and assistant Cubmaster upon completion of this course.

Pack Committee Position-Specific Training:  This position-specific course for Cub Scout pack committee members is intended to provide members with the basic information they need to support a pack and conduct a successful pack program.  If you have completed Youth Protection Training (YPT) you will be position trained for pack committee upon completion of this course.

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO):  Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is designed as an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program for those leaders who are interested in adding a camping component to their pack activities.  BSA's Cub Scout level camping policies will be taught along with the necessary tools to help units carry out a successful camping experience.  Completion of this course is mandatory for at least one adult leader participating in a pack overnighter.

Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training:  Scoutmaster Position-Specific training is the BSA’s initial level of training for the top leaders of Boy Scout troops. It is designed for Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and junior assistant Scoutmasters. However, committee members and other adults connected to a Boy Scout troop are welcome to attend.  When Scoutmaster Position-Specific training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) have both been completed, new Scoutmasters will have the tools needed to begin an effective Boy Scouting program.  In addition to this course, you will need to complete Youth Protection Training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) to become position trained.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS):  We will be offering IOLS training at the 2017 Fall Camporee on October 27-29, 2017.  We will be posting more information as it becomes available.

BSA online training portal (via My.Scouting.org)

Adult leader training can also be completed online.  Online training is available from the BSA Learn Center through your account on my.scouting.org.  Each leader can track completed trainings for his/her position in Scouting.  View a tutorial for help logging into the portalThis PDF document lists the online courses and the time-frame upon which all leaders in each BSA program should focus to complete the training needed to serve their units.

What makes a "Trained" Leader?
A Scout leader is considered fully trained and entitled to wear the "trained" leader emblem when he or she has completed some basic but important training courses.  All of these trainings can be completed in a classroom setting and most can be completed online.  Every Scout deserves to be led by a "TRAINED" leader.  All leaders must complete Youth Protection Training before attending their first meeting with youth and must renew this training every two (2) years.

Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training is required for all leaders who have direct contact with youth.  At all times, youth safety is the number one priority.  At the same time, adults need to know the rules for keeping themselves safe too.   Comprehensive Youth Protection Training teaches all the do's and don'ts of working with youth.  Training is offered through the online learning center, or it may be taken as part of a district or council training workshop.
Position Specific Training
Leader position specific training is based on the leader’s position. These courses are taught by informed trainers who know how to engage groups and make learning fun. These courses are offered by the district or council as group training, or may be done as small groups or by personal coaching.
Cub Scout Leader Specific training (register for courses on the council Cub Scout Leader training page) has been developed for the following positions:
  • Cubmasters and assistants
  • Den leaders and assistants
  • Pack committee
  • Pack trainers
Scoutmaster Specific Training. This training is for all Scoutmasters and their assistants. Boy Scout leaders also must complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training to be considered fully trained.  Register for courses at the Council Boy Scout Leader training page.

Troop Committee Challenge is available online for all members of a troop's committee.

Varsity Scout Coach Leader Specific is for all Varsity coaches and assistants coaches. Varsity coaches and assistant coaches must also complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training to be considered fully trained.  Information on available training is on the council Varsity Coach Training page.

Venturing Leader Specific is for all Venturing crew leaders and assistants.  It is a five-session training course that can be completed in one day or in a series of workshops.  Information on available training is on the council Venturing Leader Training page.
Additional Skills Training courses (First Aid/CPR, Woodbadge, NYLT, Marlinspike, Voyageur, and Wilderness First Aid) are available through the council Adult Leader Skills Training page
For more information about becoming a trained leader in the Boy Scouts of America, visit the Scouting.org Trained Leader page.

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