Every Scout deserves to be lead by a TRAINED leader

Would you get on a plane if only half of the pilots were trained?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Maybe a better question would be “Is it OK for my Scout to spend time with an un-trained leader?”  Every young person in the Scouting program needs and deserves a leader who understands the aims of the program and knows how to deliver it with enthusiasm; in short, a trained leader.  Because they understand their role, trained leaders have a positive influence on the lives of youth.  Research shows that Scouts with trained leaders enjoy the program more and stay in it longer.  How well we influence the lives of these youth depends on their leaders' understanding of the program and their responsibilities.  An addition to giving the boys in your unit the best possible program, training also makes your life easier.  Check out BSA's Training Resource Page for Adult Leaders.  It covers all levels and all BSA programs (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, etc).

All newly-registered leaders must first take Youth Protection Training before assuming a leadership role.  It is strongly recommended that parents of all Scouts take this training as well. It cannot hurt to know what to expect from your son's adult leaders. It also protects everyone involved in the unit by helping avoid any ambiguities arising from "not knowing" basic Youth Protection principles. For more information, visit BSA’s Youth Protection page.

Please contact the Northeast District training chair, with any adult or youth training questions.

New Youth Protection (for all programs) on-line course - May 1, 2018

​Boy Scouts of America has released a new unified Youth Protection Training course, and Crossroads of America has committed to getting all of its adult leaders re-certified by May 1, 2018.  The new course consists of 3 instructional units plus a final test.  This new Infographic explains how BSA Is committed to the protection of the youth under its care and how it accomplishes its commitment.  Please follow this link to take the new Youth Protection Training course.

Northeast District Adult Training Opportunities (2018)

Looking ahead, there are a number of leadership learning opportunities that address the needs of Cub Scout leaders, Boy Scout leaders and Venturing Crew advisors, as well as our youth. The National Wood Badge training course is the BSA's ultimate leadership training for adults, and will be offered over two 3-day weekends in April/May, as a 7-day session in June (at Bechtel Scout Reservation in West Virginia), and over two 3-day weekends in September.  The National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the BSA's ultimate leadership training for youth and will be offered over two 3-day weekends in April at Kikthawenund Scout Camp, as a 7-day session in June at Red Wing Scout Camp, and over two 3-day weekends in September at Kikthawenund Scout Camp.  Voyageur canoe training is offered over two weekends in April/May and over a 3-day weekend in September.  Please review the table below for highlighted training, click on the link provided to learn more and/or register for each course. 

​Date(s) ​Time & Cost ​Training Offered ​Location
​Once per month ​1 hr / $5

​Merit Badge Counselor 

​on-line registration

​Golden-Burke Scouting Center
​Once per month ​3 hrs / $10

First Aid Certification 

​on-line registration

​Golden-Burke Scouting Center
​Once per month 3 hrs / $10

​CPR training

​on-line registration

Golden-Burke Scouting Center


Apr 28-29 + May 12-13​

Sep 7-9


​2 weekends / $90​

3-day weekend / $90

2018 Voyageur flyer (PDF)

​Spring Voyageur registration

​Fall Voyageur registration

Belzer Scout Camp


Apr 12-14/May 10-12

June 10-16

Sept 8-10/29-Oct 1


Two weekends / $275

One week / $400​

Two weekends / $275


WODBADGE (Adult Leadership Training)

Woodbadge 2018 flyer (PDF)

Woodbadge 2018 info & registration


Various camps within CAC

​Bechtel Scout Res (The Summit) WVA​

Various camps within CAC


Apr 6-8/27-29

Jun 17-23

​Sep 28-30/Oct 12-14


Two weekends / $235

​One week / $235​

Two weekends / $235


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

NYLT 2018 flyer (PDF)

NYLT 2018 on-line registration


Kikthawenund Scout Camp​

Red Wing Scout Camp

Kikthawenund Scout Camp


Additional Skills Training courses (First Aid/CPR, Woodbadge, NYLT, Marlinspike, Voyageur, and Wilderness First Aid) are available through the council Adult Leader Skills Training page

BSA Online Training Portal (Via My.Scouting.org)

Many more adult leader training courses are offered online.  Online training is available from the BSA Learn Center through your account on my.scouting.org.  Each leader can track completed trainings for his/her position in Scouting.  View a tutorial for help logging into the portalThis PDF document lists the online courses and the time-frame upon which all leaders in each BSA program should focus to complete the training needed to serve their units.

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