District Contacts

Northeast District Committee is the backbone of Northeast District. The committee is designed to support volunteers at a unit level and consists of various community leaders, Scouters and other interested volunteers. Below is a listing of all district committee members and their respective positions. If you have a question, please reach out to the appropriate individual:

District Key 3
District Chairman Steve Creason 3174422697 creason@gmail.com
District Commissioner Kim Wiggins 3175770513 kimswiggins@comcast.net
District Executive Laura Clay 3178137133 laclay@crossroadsbsa.org

Program Team
Vice-Chair of Program    
Camping Chair    
Advancement Chair Robert Meador mboyscoutbob@gmail.com 
Eagle Advancement Coordinator Jim Imel (317823-8103) eyemel2@comcast.net
Activities Chair    
Training Chair Jon Guimont jon@rlguimont.com
Service Chair    
500 Festival Parade Chair    
State Fair Chair    
Order of the Arrow Advisor John Pratt hornbender48@comcast.net 
Order of the Arrow Team Randy Baskerville brandee1960@comcast.net
OA Crossover Ceremony  Dee Baskerville deebaskerville@comcast.net
Firecrafter Advisor Bryan Swift bryan7332@live.com
District Chaplain "Wild" Bill Jensen wjensen111@aol.com
Membership Team
Vice-Chair of Membership Jennifer Fisher jenniferfisher74@msn.com
Membership Team  Jay German jayg98@gmail.com
Membership Team Leilan McNally leilan.mcnally@gmail.com 
Nominating Team Timothy George tgeorge@rw.com 
Communications Team
Vice-Chair of Communications Mike Chambers     cacnedcomms@gmail.com
Webmaster Joe Carter joseph.carter@sbcglobal.net
Development Team
Vice-Chair of Development    
Friends of Scouting Chair         Wally Bruner           wallyb@aol.com 
Popcorn Kernel Advisor Jessica Jarrett  
Popcorn Kernel Team Michael Welling wellingm@protrans.com
Camp Cards Chair    
Unit Commissioners
District Commissioner Kim Wiggins kimswiggins@comcast.net
Unit Commissioner Randy Baskerville brandee1960@comcast.net
Unit Commissioner Jenny Mondy jennymondy@sbcglobal.net
Unit Commissioner Bill Beckman billbeckman60@yahoo.com
Unit Commissioner Terry Fulner nedistrictcommissioner@gmail.com
Unit Commissioner Jim Patrick jimpatrick68@gmail.com
Member-at-Large Anne Phillips atphillips@lilly.com 
Member-at-Large Jack Phillips atphillips@sbcglobal.net 
Member-at-Large N Steinhardt tsteinhardt@ratioarchitects.com 
Member-at-Large Angela Walker amewalker@gmail.com 

7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 813-7125

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