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The advancement of Scouting in Central Indiana would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of thousands of alumni, volunteers, donors and friends who have been inspired by Scouting's impact on youth and our community. 

The success of our council and district is based on generous financial support of many of our Friends of Scouting.  Donations to Crossroads of America Council support, among other things:

  • Funding of the council's registration assistance and camp scholarship programs for at-risk youth;
  • Regular maintenance of facilities and equipment at seven council camps;
  • Providing insurance to cover the council's members and property;
  • Training adult volunteers on how to be better leaders for youth members;
  • Operation and staffing of four council service centers conveniently located throughout central Indiana.

Please consider a gift of at least $175 to support one Scout this year.

Make a pledge of support using one of the convenient options below.  Contributions are tax-deductible where allowed by law. 



Send an email to  Include your name, unit affiliation, amount pledged, mailing address and phone number. A monthly invoice will be mailed to you unless otherwise requested.  We ask that all pledges be paid in full by November 30.


Call in a pledge of support to Mary Martin at  (317) 813-7137 and pay via Visa or MasterCard. Be sure to state that you are in North Star District and give unit affiliation to properly credit your gift.


Pledges with or without payments may be mailed using a pledge card.  Simply complete the card and send it to the Golden-Burke Scout Center in Indianapolis.


Visit BSA's secure online donation page. Include "NS FOS Unit Type and Number" in the Address Line 2 field on the checkout screen to ensure that your gift is properly credited towards the unit's goals. For example, "NS FOS Pack 123" would be credited towards Pack 123 in North Star District.



Spring Camp Card Sale
The annual spring Camp Card sale allows Scout units to raise funds to pay for their summer Scouting program. Camp Cards are discount cards sold for $5 each to the general public.  Unit commission is 50% on each card ($2.50). Funds earned from this fundraiser may be used to purchase equipment such as tents and backpacks as well as paying for camp fees.  Camp Cards are meant to complement, not take the place of, popcorn sales in the fall.
1)    The Council is now accepting unit Camp Card Orders.

    a.     To place an order, go to Cards are ordered in multiples of 25.

    b.    The council will accept initial unit orders from now until February 10th, 2017 to guarantee cards are available to your unit for pickup before the sale start date.  Supplemental orders can be placed until the last day of the sale. 

    c.    Sale dates are March 1 to April 14.

2)    Camp Card Program Details

    a.     Card sells for $5.00 each

    c.     Unit keeps 50% of the sale per card (unit keeps $2.50/card)

    d.    8 discount offers – 5 snap-offs (one-time use) and 3 repeat-use (unlimited until 12/31/17)

3)     Camp Card Timeline

        a.    Initial Unit Orders Due are due Friday, February 10th in order to receive your first set of cards on a timely basis, before sales start.

        b.    Payment and unsold cards due by May 1st to the Council Service Center. 

        c.    NO UNSOLD CARDS will be accepted for return after May 1st – they become the financial responsibility of the unit

        d.    Balances owed after May st will be charged $3.75 per card (unit keeps 25% of sale) instead of $2.50 per card (unit keeps 50% of sale).

4)    Storefront Sales

        Marsh has agreed to allow units to schedule storefront sales directly with each store location’s manager.   (Please do not call the corporate office to arrange these.)  However, unlike last year, we are restricted to sell in front of Marsh stores only March 20 to April 14.

        The other sponsors will NOT allow us to sell cards at their storefronts.  However, there are no restrictions regarding selling cards at other locations, such as banks.

5)    Promotion & Materials

        a.   Posters – A copy of a customizable promo poster will be available online as well as in your unit's startup pack.  In addition, collection envelopes will be distributed.  Post them at your meeting sight to generate interest, or post them at your storefront sales.

Family Friends of Scouting
Why Friends of Scouting?
The purpose of the Boy Scouts is simple: build character and integrity of youth and prepare them to become responsible adults; adults who are leaders and adults who participate in society according to our Scout Oath and Law. That Oath and that Law are founded on trustworthiness, loyalty, bravery, and values that put community and family first.
During October through March, each pack, troop, and crew should schedule a "Family" Friends of Scouting presentation. This presentation by a volunteer explains to parents how our council is financed and provides education about our mission, services, facilities and the "true cost" of Scouting. Units should sign up for their presentation now so district volunteers can be given enough time to plan for presentations.

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises approximately 15% of the council's operating budget each year. On average, $175 is needed per youth in our council to provide the programs and services that we have come to expect for one year.



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