District News

The following communication channels are utilized to push information to volunteers:

  • District Newsletter
    Messages sent through this channel are intended for large audiences and allow for communication only with the newsletters editor, not the volunteer in charge of a specific event. Anyone can subscribe online


  • Social Media
    Del-Mi District utilizes Facebook and Twitter to share general information with our followers and highlight Scouting in the community.


  • Key Volunteer Mailing Lists
    This method allows for timely information to be sent to a specific group of key volunteers by our staff and district volunteers alike.  These messages include timely reminders or requests for information.  These mailings lists will replace our current practice of pushing information only to registered unit leaders and committee chairs.  Volunteers serving as communication chairs or who want to be informed are welcome. Send an email to the address listed below to subscribe:


  • Registered Leader Email
    Due to privacy concerns, some messages will only be sent to the currently registered unit leader or committee chair in a unit. When the volunteer in one of these roles change, an adult application, evidence of youth protection training and criminal background check are required to update the volunteer in the role. 



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