District Contact Information
Professional Staff
Ryan Kelleher
District Director
(317) 813-7085
Sarah Cretin
District Executive
(317) 813-7081
Management Team
Jason Creighton
District Chair
John Rombach
District Commissioner
(317) 595-9710
Joanne Burfeind
District Vice Chair
(317) 844-8144
Communications Committee    
Kelly Oles Vice Chair - Communications kellyoles1@yahoo.com  
Development Committee
Jody Valerio
Vice Chair - Development
Dave Yunker
FOS Family Chair
Shane Langemeier
District Popcorn Kernel
Adair Vaught
Unit Fundraising Coordinator
Membership Committee
Kathy Smart
Vice Chair - Membership
Program Committee
Mike Horrocks
Vice Chair - Program
Clay Worley
Activities & Civic Service
Jason Lopez
Camping & Outdoor
Christopher Lingren
Prairie Valley Firecrafter Ember Advisor
Joe Lintzenich
Quanasita Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor
Ken Steppe
District Chaplain
Training Committee
Training Chair
Advancement Committee
Advancement Chair
Dave Bardos
Eagle Board Chair
Roundtable Commissioners
Joe Krutsick
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Matt Lackner
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Contact Lists


7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 813-7125

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