Scouting's Jamboree

Baden-Powell's Vision

In 1916, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, knew what success looked like for the 10th anniversary of Scouting. It was the sight of thousands of youth gathered together to celebrate. The jamboree was born! In his words, "The secret of [Scouting's] growth lies in that indeterminate force which we only know as the 'Scout Spirit' and grow it has!"

2017 National Jamboree

July 19 - July 28, 2017

Join 40,000 other Scouts and leaders at the 2017 National Jamboree to be held at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia July 19 - July 28, 2017.  Whitewater rafting and kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing and bouldering are just a few of the activities offered at the Summit. There's also skateboarding, BMX, shooting sports, and zip-line challenge courses. And that's just the beginning. You will find forest canopy touring, buckskin games, SCUBA, rappelling towers, an American Indian village and more. The opening and closing arena shows are not to be missed. It's Scouting at its very best!

Crossroads of America Council will take a contingent of Scouts to the 2017 National Jamboree. Reserve your spot today as the contingent is expected to fill quickly! For more information, contact Sherry Webb by email or (317) 813-7117.

Crossroads of America Council Camp Scholarship Information 
National Council Camp Scholarship Information 


The 2017 National Jamboree Crossroads of America Patch sets are now available. The trading Patch set is a 9 CSP and large Back Patch which represents our Scouts living the Motto of “Be Prepared”. The Limited Edition Black and White set is also a 9 JSP and Large Back patch. Many people will consider using Fabric Markers to color this patch in to make it their own. (Markers not included).

Coming Soon:  A 2 piece Jaccos Towne Lodge 21 Order of the Arrow set will be available soon. There will be a full color version as well as the Limited Edition Black and White version.

You can order online: Jamboree Patch Set

The Crossroads of America Council is pleased to announce the Council Contingent Leadership:
TROOP 1 (2446)
Chris Jackson, Scoutmaster
Joshua Bokish, 1st Asst. SM
Mary Edwards, 2nd Asst. SM
Caleb Louie, 3rd Asst. SM
     Troop 112
          Oakley B
          Daniel B
          Bryce C
          Aaron D
          Simon D
          Matthew H
          Trevor M
          Luke T
   Troop 306
       Jonathon C
       Josh E
       Owen E
       Christopher J
       Caleb L
       Jonah J
       Noah J
   Troop 307
       Hunter M
       Luke M
       Sebastian W
   Troop 996
       Kaelobbe B
   Crew 358
       Jake B
Troop 358
       Jake B
       Matthew B
       Michael B
       William B
       Jack G
       Jake H
       Lucas P
       Andrew S
       Michael W
   Troop 88
       Logan I
   Troop 133
       Benjamin G
       Benjamin P
       Matthew P
   Troop 276
       Michael S
   Troop 9
       Daniel R
       Hayden S
   Troop 115
       David L
   Troop 309
       Alex D
TROOP 2 (2447)
Tim Pittman, Scoutmaster
Thomas Standers, 1st Asst. SM
Mike Ferris, 2nd Asst. SM
Zach Willis, 3rd Asst. SM 
     Troop 303
         Jeramiah B
      Troop 15
          James B
          Lars T

     Troop 97
         Chris H
         Creedance J
         Ethan J
         James Z
    Troop 56
        Luke F
        Isaac G
        Matthew H
        Mitchell K
        Luciano N
        Richard N
        Isaac P
   Troop 73
       Brandon P
   Troop 804
       Jacob H
       Jonathan P
       Zachary S
    Troop 17
       Samuel S
       Conrad W
   Troop 30
       Aidan M
       Logan S
   Troop 38
       Phillip N
       Gabriel N
       Spencer P
       Scott T
       Adam W
       Austin W
   Troop 93
       Garrison B
       Mitchell B
   Troop 99
      Connor B
      Daniel C
      Evan H
      Benjamin H
      Trey P
       Elijah S
TROOP 3 (2448)
Tim Reis, Scoutmaster
Brent Brandon, 1st Asst. SM
Gordon Haywood, 2nd Asst. SM
James Brandon, 3rd Asst. SM
   Troop 82
      Leo M
   Troop 112
       Michael B
       Benjamin F
       Joshua F
       Andrew F
       Brian H
       Trevor K
       Carter L
       John M
       Erik N
       Alex R
       Austin R
       Jack S
       Colin S
       Alex V
       Adam Z
  Troop 131
       Gage B
       Mark B
       Elliot C
       Owen C
       Thomas G
       Alexander S
       Benjamin S
       William S
   Troop 936
       Christopher E
   Troop 232
       Joshua H
       Elliott M
   Troop 249
       Brent B
       James B
       J. Ethan G
       Kevin K
       Zackery P
       Mason P
       Damon R
   Troop 279
       Christopher M
       Logan R
   Troop 347
       Andrew C
   Troop 309
       Nathan S

TROOP 4 (2449)
Nat Ridge, Scoutmaster
Shawn Justice, 1st Asst. SM
Noah Underhill, 2nd Asst. SM
Michael Yahl, 3rd Asst. SM

   Troop 959
       Brycen T
   Troop 105
       Alex N
       Michael N
   Troop 107
       Curtis B
       Jarod B
       Evan B
  Troop 120
       Andrew B
       Grant T
   Troop 183
       Phillip B
       Mason C
       Andrew M
       Archie T
   Troop 199
       Alex H
       Alexander K
       Joseph K
       Preston R
       Michael R
       Elijah S
       Colin W
  Troop 303
       Zachary G
  Troop 595
       Nicholas W
   Troop 733
       Carson W
   Troop 31
       Lane D
       Elijah J
   Troop 233
       Clay G
       David G
       Nathaniel H
       Hayden T
  Troop 358
       Jerry T
   Troop 92
       Grant H
   Troop 107      
      John E
   Troop 264
       Alexander R
       Andrew R
       Nathaniel R
       Michael Y
   Troop 1776
      John B
   Troop 233
      Clay G
      David G
      Nathaniel H
      Hayden T
   Troop 249
       Peter R
   Troop 381
       Landen J
       Shawn J

TROOP 5 (2450)
Mike Thyen, Scoutmaster
Alan Kane, 1st Asst. SM
Rich Vogler, 2nd Asst. SM
Samuel Dziwlik, 3rd Asst. SM

    Troop 101
        Ryan B
        Isaac D
        Joshua K
        Skylar S
        Keegan T
    Troop 109
       Samuel B
       Zack B
       Thomas C
       Ian E
       Samuel J
       Evan J
       Bentley K
       Cooper K

       Jackson O
       Dane P
   Troop 202
       Dominick B
       Spencer B
       Suraj C
       Robert C
       Mitchel E
       Colin J
       Joseph J
       Ethan J
       Peter M
       Jacob O
       Patrick S
       James S
       Nathan S
       Erik S
       Michael W
       William W
    Troop 936
       Stuart A
       David B
       Austin P
       Patrick P
   Troop 264
       Peyton B
TROOP 6 (2451)
Wayne Crowe, Scoutmaster
Reginald DeValle, 1st Asst. SM
Nathan Williams, 2nd Asst. SM
Leonard Richardson, 3rd Asst. SM
   Troop 40
       Rondell W
   Troop 123
       EEsa A
       Michael B
       Adrian C
       Clifton F
        Micah S 
     Troop 959
        Omoro B
        Curtis C
        Timothy C
        Dakobe D
        Coby H
        Christian K
        Jeremiah K
        Luis M
        Cheikh N
        Trenton P
        Corey P
        Jereece Stewart
        Keilan T
        Brycen T
CREW 5272
  Crew 408
       Zachary H
   Troop 56
       Lars C
   Crew 38
        Morghan B
        Landon B
        Marvery B
        Matthew D
        Kayla F
        Zachary F
        Sean K
        Jacob L
        Alan P
   Crew 408
       Zachary H
   Troop 56
       Lars C


24th World Scout Jamboree - United States
July 22 - August 2, 2019

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be held in the summer of 2019. The theme is "Unlock a New World!" The Boys Scouts of America will join with Canada and Mexico to host the event at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia. More than 30,000 Scouts and leaders from 161 countries around the world will attend.

The event will provide opportunities to raise awareness about global issues, explore the environment, participate in community service, make friends from around the world and deepen understanding of developments in science and technology. The World Jamboree is a unique opportunity for participants to experience an exciting program of activities. Visit the World Scout Jamboree site for more details as they become available.


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